Jason Senne GITA 1

Welcome to my GITA 1 webpage!
My name is Jason Senne, I am a freshman at Brea Olinda Highschool who loves coding websites and game design.
We are currently learning to code in C# and HTML.

If you need to contact the school, the number is:

1 714-990-7850

"We don't just use technology, we create it!"

Global IT

Goodbye Project


This program changes a label to say goodbye in four different languages. The program also changes a flag to the country's flag which corresponds with that language.

Help Page


The function of this program was to create a customer support page including a logo we had designed earlier in the year.

Mailing Label


This project allows the user to input information into the application and recieve a mailing label with their information.

Car Rental


In this application you can input information and create a mailing label as seen in the project above, but you can also input the beginning odometer reading, the ending odometer reading, and the days rented to get the price for renting the car.

BMI Project


Think you're looking a little big at the waist? Check using this program which allows the user to input any height and weight into the application and it will calculate your BMI from those numbers.

Car Rental Upgrade


This program is an upgraded version of the Car Rental Project, which now includes the ability to select one of three different cars and get a different price based on what car you chose.

Test Score


In this project, you could see whether you were going to be grounded or not by entering the possible points and the earned points to calculate two test scores. It will also give you an average of your scores and tell you which was higher.

Dice Program


This application allows you to roll two dice and get random dice rolls every time, but it also allows you to see the probabiltity of each roll, how many time you've rolled that roll, the dice sum, and your total rolls.

T-Shirt Sales


Your old clothes going out of fashion? Order some new ones with this program. You can buy a shirt using this program by using different settings such as size, whether you wanted a monogram or a pocket, and of course quantity.

Slot Machine


Welcome to Vegas baby! In this project you can add credits to your account, place your bet, then roll to your heart's content. Three random pictures appear in the slot machine and if all three are the same, you win the grand prize.

Rock Paper Scissorrs


Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot! In this program you can play the classic game of rock paper scissors, need I say more?.